How To Run A Property Agency

For those of una wey wan make their daily manna through property business, e go pay you more if you really ready your mind to do this business with all wey the business require to start am. You must get the spirit to satisfy your customers and serve them well well without any form of insincerity. Make sure you get the ogbonge skills, boldness and confident to take face the gbege.
Some property business oga them believe say them fit penetrate their customers heart through who know who, but e no be so for this business. Wetin customers need na your ogboge skill to meet wetin them want and of course how long wey you don dey into the business.

So for you to fit satisfy your customers in this business, you go need to

Check how much you sabi the work
If you no sabi anything about property business You go need to go acquire the skills wey you go need to run this business. You no fit give wetin you no get. Plenty business for Nigeria dey fail because of poor or lack of correct service delivery. E go surprise you say customers dey also look for professional code of ethics.

Your Office matter well well
The place wey you choose to run your business from go make better customer find you or ignore you. You no expect a client wey get a very big estate to believe say you can go fit handle his estate when your office dey so local and unorganized. So I go advice say you use better money to get better office for good location, unless say your target customers na just anybody.

Remember Your Core Values
Your Core values dey very important for this business just as every other business. If you no get core values, your target customers no go ever trust you and they go just take you as ordinary property agent instead of property consultancy firm. Your core values fit be Accountability, Integrity, service and professionalism.

Get Ogbonge (Unique) Selling Proposition (USP)
Ogbonge selling point wey oyibo dey call Unique selling point na that special spice for your business wey fit make your customers and your prospective customers make sharp you-turn from their former property consultants to your own service. This na because them don fit get better awoof from you wey dem no fit get from others in your same business.

You need to get plenty reserve money
Plenty of your clients fit no dey live around, and you go need to do small renovation, evaluation exercise, or burglary projects for the estate wey you dey manage, and this go definitely require plenty money. Na your job as a property consultant is to take care of the properties with your own money, den later you fit comot am from the rent or lease after completion. This na wetin most successful property consultancy firms dey face for the business so dey fit meet with their client’s expectations. You go also need money for adverts because every business needs advert to grow.

You must understand the law Of demand and supply
The more clients dey find properties from you, the higher the price. But before you put your price tag, you need to know say people dey looking for properties everyday in your area, both for business and residential use. As you get all these in mind, e go enable you to make proper provision to provide them. For all your search, make sure say you find something wey suits the luxury of your client.

Understand where you stand
You must know your position as an agent and a consultant to both client and thier customer. You be the middle man in this business and you must to satisfy your client by following the terms of your agreement.

Understand Government Policy
You must consider Government policy for your business. You no fit start property management firm without knowing what the government needs from you. Na government dey make the law and not your business. So you must to consider government policy first before doing property consultancy business.

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