What You Dont Know About Other Types Of Candle Making Wax

We get different kind of wax for market, wey you fit use make candles. We get;

i.  Paraffin wax

ii. Soy wax

iii.Bees wax

iv. Gel wax

v. Palm wax

But if you wan produce candle for business purpose, me go advice say you use Paraffin wax, because Paraffin wax dey
produces more candles, and for business the more candles wey your wax produce go gives you more profit.

Paraffin wax:- Dis na white or colorless solid wey dem get from petroleum, or coal wey get mixture of hydrocarbon
molecules wey get between twenty and forty carbon atoms. E dey solid for room temperature, but go start to melt when e pass 37 °C (99 °F) em boiling point na 370 °C (698 °F)
paraffin wax
All of dem get advantages and disadvantages, so nobody fit say na this one better pass the other. E just depend on the type of candle wey one wan produce.
Paraffin as you don know already, na petroleum finished product. E dey very cheap, so paraffin candles no too expensive compared to candles wey dem make with other wax. Paraffin na the easiest kind of wax to make a candle with, when you no know wetin you dey do. So my formular for paraffin wax na (Cheap + hard to screw up = perfect for beginners).

Em advantages no end there:

1. E dey easy to dye with all type of candle dyes

2. All the fragrance oils for candle dey work well with am

3. Almost all candlemaking instructions dey  written with the assumption say you dey use paraffin

4. All additives dey work well with am.

5. Some of the fine things wey you fit do with paraffin, you no go fit do am with other wax.

Paraffin wax disadvantages:

1. Oil mining dey very bad for the environment

2. Petroleum as a countries resource no dey renewable, so countries wey no dey produce petroleum basically dey set fire for something wey dem get in limited quantities.

3. You fit scrape most of the paraffin wey you spill out of your carpet, but to get am all dissolved most people dey use special chemical cleaner wey dem do for dissolving paraffin. This cleaner get lovely orange smell, but e get harmful
ingredient inside. A carcinogen, radionuclide, or radiation na all agents wey dey directly cause cancer. And Carcinogen dey inside this cleanser.

Cream or Gel wax:- Cream wax na soft white mixture of paraffin and oil. Basically na just paraffin wey dem specially design to work well inside container (jar) candles. Gel wax dey clear, and even when you dye am, e still fit see through. If you don see cool-looking candles wey be like underwater scenes with glass fish stored inside, that na gel candles. E no be vegetable wax, but e no be paraffin either.
Cream and gel waxes no fit stand on their own; they must to pour am inside containers. Some fragrance oils self no fit work for gel wax.gelwax
Since gel dey burn with high temperature and get bubbles inside, if you buy gel candle wey dem do with thin glass container, e go EXPLODE for your living room, wey go send wax and glass particles to fly for all directions. Na the
container cause am, no be the wax.
Candles wey dem use Gel or Cream wax do dey very BEAUTIFUL! That na why event planners dey use am for banquets or other special occasions dem.

Soy wax:- Soy wax na from soybean oil. Soybeans plants dey very versatile. Them fit use am for almost everything.

The advantages of soy wax na:
1. Soy wax na sustainable resource (one day we go run out of petroleum, but we no go ever run out of dirt, water, and

2. To get soybean oil no need mining and e no dey harm the Earth or cause habitat destruction.

3. E dey very easier to clean up when you spill am on something (just warm water, soap and small rubbing go clean am).

4. Except for paraffin, na the cheapest wax.

Disadvantages of soy wax:
1. Some fragrance oil no dey work with soy wax.

2. Almost all the candle dyes no fit make strong colors with soy. So you go need to buy dyes specially designed for soy

3. You fit use Soy wax make great candles, but e dey more harder to produce and fit cause beginners to give up quick.

4. For em pure form, e dey burn fast. So you go need to add plenty Stearic acid to boost em burn time.

5. Some people dey allergic to am.
palm wax
Palm Wax:- Palm wax na from palm trees. E get all the same advantages wey other vegetable waxes get in terms of
environmental benefits. E dey expensive pass soy wax. I wish say I know more about this wax, but honestly na one wax wey I never get the opportunity to play with.

Beeswax:- Beeswax na the most expensive candle wax. Though, e dey burn longer than other waxes. So if your
market just dey look for candles to decorate with, e better make you use something cheaper to produce candles for such market. Beeswax dey sticky though, so e hard to clean up ibeeswaxf you spill am. E also need strong dyes…so to make colored beeswax candles make you try use soy dyes.
As a Candlemaker abeg take note: You go need wick two times for size bigger for beeswax candles than you would use for other candles.

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