Meet Dr Mike Adenuga

Mike Admikeenuga junior come this world on the 29th of April, 1953 for Ibadan, Nigeria. Him full name na Micheal Adeniyi Agbolade Ishola Adenuga Na one of Nigerian big business tycoon. People know am as one of the richest black people for our obodo the world. Him papa name na Oloye Adenuga (a school teacher), Him mama, Juliana Oyindamola Adenuga (Nee Onashile of Okesopin, Ijebu Igbo) na business woman for royal Ijebu descent.

Na very simple man wey start humbly, he study em secondary school education for Ibadan grammar school Oyo State. He do taxi driver and security guard to take support him education while him dey study for university. Him graduate from Northwestern Alva Oklahoma State university and pace university New York, with degree for business administration. Adenuga mean different things to different people; him be husband, papa, team leader, role model, and entrepreneur.

His Achievement
Him done build fortune inside mobile telecom and oil production. Him launch Globacom mobile phone network for 2006, wey don reach about 30 million subscribers, and spreading em operation for West Africa, i.e the Republic of Benin.

Him make em first fortune for the age 26 in the 1970s, when em come back Nigeria after wey him study finsh for US. Him take over em mama sawmill business and dey distribute lace and other materials, he even sell Coca Cola. He make some friends wey dey powerful for Nigerian military and him use those relationships to for take get state construction contracts. Nigeria before before military president, Ibrahim Babangida, award am oil prospecting license. He use that one take build Conoil and become the first Nigeria person to strike oil for commercial quantities.

For 1990, him receive drilling license and for 1991, him consolidate oil struck for the shallow water of South Western Ondo State, the first indigenous oil company wey go do so for commercial quantity. Dem issue am conditional GSM license for 1999, after wey dem revoke am him receive the second one when the government hold another auction for 2003. Him Telecom company Globacom spread quick quick and come start to challenge the ogbonge (giant) MTN Group.

E launched services for the Republic of Benin for 2008 and e don continue to spread across Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire. Dem name am African Entrepreneur of the year for the maiden African Telecoms Awards(ATA) for august 15, 2007.

The federal republic of Nigeria dem honor Adenuga with the National Awards of the officer of the order of the Niger (OON) and later, commander of the order of the Niger (CON). For 2009, Dr Adenuga win the coveted Silverbird man of the year award.

Because sey him na one of the people wey get wealth pass for our obodo the world, “Dr Mike Adenuga” as him like people to address am dey control the continent’s largest business empires wey carry oil and gas, telecoms, aviation, banking, and real estates.

His Oil and Gas Business
Conoil na one of the formidable names for our obodo Nigeria downstream petroleum industry. The company dey market refined petroleum products and dey also manufacture and market better lubricants and chemicals for house and industrial use. The company dey well known for em commitment to better ogboge products and service delivery for dem customers’ satisfaction.

The company dey invest em financial and technical resources for the development of better ogbonge products and for the provision of services wey even pass international standard.

Telecommunications Business
Globacom LTD build one $800 million high capacity fibre-optic cable wey dem call Glo-1. Na submarine cable from United Kingdom to Nigeria, and na the first successful submarine cable. Glo na the first individual African company to start such project. Glo-1 fit provide high speed internet service, wey dey faster, more reliable and no dey tear em users pocket. And this don help bring foreign investment and jobs especially to Africans.

Glo na the first telecom to introduce per second billings, and they also start products like Blackberry, vehicle tracking, mobile internet and mobile banking services for Nigeria.

Dr. Mike Adenuga, na the second richest man for Nigeria, and em love sport, he donate $250,000 to national soccer team, him dey do this just to boost super eagle’s morale. The oga dem of English soccer club Manchester united honor am for him financial contribution and support for sports- especially soccer. Globacom until 2009, don sign title sponsorship deal with Nigerian premier league wey worth $16.5 million.

Nigerian National Football Teams, Glo people police marathon, Eyo festival, Ojude Oba festival, Eleghe festival and the confederation of African player of the year Award follow for the events wey dey under Globacom Sponsorship deals.

For November 2009, Glo become the official sponsor of Manchester united football club. The sponsorship also carry young players from from Benin, Ghana and Nigeria go Manchester to train with the club.

Equitorial Trust Bank (ETB) na commercial bank for Nigeria, wey dey licensed by Central Bank of Nigeria. ETB na big financial service provider for Nigeria, the bank start for 1990, as a limited liability company. For Febuary that same year, dem grant am commercial banking license and for march 1990, e start operations. As of January 2011, the bank maintain about one hundred retail branches for the country. For 2006, ETB successfully join body with the former Devcom bank.

Banking business na one of Dr Adenuga successes, although say for 2009, ETB come up or start under capitalized and un-satisfactorily managed Bank. Sterling come take over ETB for a deal wey dem seal on 11 august 2011.

Prior to 2009, the bank shares of stock na private property, as CBN and AMCON come in for 2009, big percentage of shareholding in ETB come belong to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Real Estate
Adenuga also get multi-billion dollar investment for real estate, these companies dey provide jobs to thousands of workers and millions of others indirectly. Entrepreneurs fit learn so many things from Dr Mike Adenuga, like endurance, he also learn to go into different businesses, he make the second richest man for Nigeria because he get different business empires wey he dey run successfully.

As an entrepreneur you must to be bold, you need to take risk, you no fit invest in any business without taking risk.

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