How To Write Unique Content as a Freelancer

If you dey on top this post, I dey sure say na because you be freelance writer and you dey wonder or research how you go take write for your clients to make them always come back for your service. Or maybe you be good writer but you no even know how to make money from your writing skills, you self fit join Nigerians make cool cash on Freelancing base.

As a successful freelance writer I go share some tips here wey go fit help some of us improve our writing skills. Abeg if you no sabi write or read, this writing niche no be for you. You fit offer other services wey you dey good at. Or go enroll for classes to improve your writing and learning ability.

So if you still dey read this post I believe say writing na your thing, but you just need some guidelines on how to make am better. So many people don come up with several software to make offering writing services so easy but the truth be say, none of those software go help take your freelancing career to that level wey you want am to reach.

Unique Writing Tips

  • Use article directory sites like,,,,, and to find articles on the topic wey your client need. If you use these directories you get good chances of finding articles wey you dey find.
  • Understand the topic wey you won write.  After you don find the article, you go need to read am to understand the message wey the article dey try pass and check whether the article cover the areas wey your client want make you cover.
  • Make sure say no three words follow each other back to back. Since your client no know where you research the topic from, all you just need na to dey reasonably add one or two words in between words. For example, “Today dоzеnѕ of stingrays соntіnuе tо visit thе twо ѕіtеѕ” You fit rewrite am to be ” Today over 12 stingrays соntіnuе visiting both ѕіtеѕ” From the sample wey I do above, you go notice say I just change dozen to 12, which still mean the same thing. You go also notice say even though say I no change the words “stingrays continue” I make sure say I use another word before and after the two words. If you apply this small changes to any article I assure you say e go look unique for copyscape and also for your client eyes.

If you fit follow all these tips, believe me say you go always dey satisfy your clients wey require your writing job.



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