How To Register Your Business in Nigeria.


Shey you wan do business for our obodo Nigeria? Dat one mean sey you go need to register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission wey be the Agency wey dey empowered by the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990, Pursuant to section 659 to register business operations for obodo Nigeria. The law require you must to register your business if you want do legitimate business for obodo Nigeria.
E Depend on the magnitude of your business, you fit register am all by yourselves wey you no go need any Lawyer. The categories for business registration for our obodo Nigeria dem be:

(a) Business Name Registration

(b) Private Limited Company (LTD)

(c) Public Limited Company (PLC)

(d) Company Limited by Guarantee (LTD/GTE)

(e) Unlimited Company (ULTD)

(f) Incorporated Trustee

For inside this article, I go dey deal with the first two (Business Name, and Private Limited Company) wey be the two most popular and most relevant to small and medium scale Entrepreneurs. Apart sey from the requirement of the law, e get other ogbonge benefits wey dey for registering your business.

1. E go help you take secure your company name before another person go take am. I don see people wey don try both their first and second choice name wey no one of them dey available if you consider the stress wey one go go through to take search name, make the first set no come dey available no be wetin person go want play with. So if you register early e go help you secure your choice name.

2. To register your business go add seriousness and authenticity for your business. E go make you feel sey you dey more responsible and e go make you work harder make you for take establish your business and brand. E go make you feel like one serious business person and e go come Increases your drive towards success.
3. You go fit open corporate account with your business name only if e dey registered and i hope sey you know the importance of opening a corporate current account – e go make people feel more relaxed to fit transact business with you.

Now wey you don know the importance of registering your company, how you go take proceed to register your business for obodo Nigeria? The steps dem dey simple but sometimes dem fit dey very tedious because of our system. Here na practical steps how you go fit go about am without plenty tears!

Step 1 – Make you go the Corporate Affairs Commission Office wey dey nearest to you and go submit your business name for Name Search. Just waka enter the place make you obtain the CAC Form 1 for N200

Make you fill the form correctly for CAPITAL LETTER – E no get plenty thing there to fill, na to just enter your name, your address and the names wey you want register, you go tick the type of company category wey you want to register as. You get option one and two – Option one na your first choice name, while option two na the alternative name in case sey the first choice no dey available.

Make you make Photocopy of the filled form before you go submit am, na the photocopy you go bring back wey dem go use locate your form.

Make you submit the original den you go go back after three days to go check if your name dey available. If e no dey, you go need to repeat the process again until you go find one wey dey available.

Note: If you go for popular phrases, you get 99% possibility sey e no dey available.Make you chose something wey dey unique and uncommon.

Step 2 – Once you check and your name don dey available, make you begin the registration process immediately! Obtain the Business Name registration form for N250 make you fill am.

If na Limited Company you want register, you go buy the set of Company Incorporation forms for N500. Make you download the PDF of the detailed requirement for Incorporated Trustees Under Part C of CAMA No.1 of 1990.

If you dey confuse about wetin you go fill inside those forms, make you ask person for there to assist you. For business name, e no dey hard. For Limited Liability, e fit dey hard small but person for there fit help you once wey you done provide all the requirements.

Step 3 – Make you carry your completed form go Federal High Court or State High Court for attestation. That one go cost you N250 but if you no sabi your way, those guys fit collect pass like dat. So, when you reach there, make you ask for where you fit do attestation.

When you don finish with that one, make you go back to Corporate Affairs Commission office make you submit your completed and attested forms. The first person go view am and sign on am come tell you sey make you pass am to the next person wey go type am inside the computer come print am out for you make you see and make you for take correct anything if necessary.

You go make your final payment for the registration inside their UBA Bank account wey dey attached to all the CAC offices, so you no need to commot go elsewhere to go make the payment.

When all these done dey successfully fulfilled, your business go dey ready for registration and certification.

For Business Name –You go go back for your Certificate after 8 working days or thereabout. If na for Limited Company, dem go send your certificate to you once e don dey ready.

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