How To Overcome The Challenges Of Working And Studying

To dey work and study at the same time get em own advantage, but e also get em own challenges.  Yes, na true say you go dey make money while you dey work to take support yourself for school.  You go help your sponsors commot or reduce the burden of your tuition and other costs.
You go dey get on-the-job experience, especially if you dey work inline with wetin you dey study. Na true say wen person wey work come still dey go school, that one go help you develop and improve your management skills since na sey you go dey work and you go dey go school simultaneously. Dis one na platform for you make you for learn effective time management.
Still,doubt no dey about the fact say some difficulties dey wey you go encounter, when you do two thing for the same time. Dis one na some of the challenges wey you go face, when you dey work and dey study for the same time and how you go take overcome them:

Make You No Fit Sleep (Lack Of Sleep)
If you join work and study, e likely make you suffer from Insomnia. That one mean sey person no get the correct amount of sleep wey person need, wey go make you dey active and refreshed all through the day. This na because, you go dey work during the day and you go dey do most of your studies for night. After a while, this practice go become routine.

Working and Studying
Let us say, if your alarm ring for the middle of the night, everyday, like dat kind 12am and 3am, to wake you up for you to read. Before you know am, even without the alarm, you go wake up for night by that time. Whether you wan study or not. Once your body master the routine of not sleeping at night, you fit get chronic condition of lack of sleep.
For make you fit stop this one from happening, you go need to dey change your hours of study.  So that, you that you no go get used to not sleeping for oneparticular time. Lets say, you already get time table wey you dey use read for night. You fit just pick two or three days inside the week to read for night, instead to dey read for night every day. Then for the other days, you fit make time to study for day.

You fit even make out time for work (maybe during break time) to read. Even self, you fit read early in the morning, before you go work or when you come back from work for evening. After you do your homework, you fit take small time read before you go bed. The thing be say, make you no deprive yourself of sleep too much because e go affect your health bad-bad.
No forget say, our brain need time to take all of the things wey we learn everyday. And na for night this thing dey happen, that na why sleep dey very important. No think say sleep dey only make you feel refreshed and well rested; everything wey you learn for day time go register for your brain when you dey sleep.

It Leads To Burn-out
To Work and study together for the same time fit land you for wetin we dey call Burn-out condition. Burn-out na the advanced stage of stress. Na the situation whereby, a person go dey feel mentally, physically and emotionally tired, because of stress. E go drain your power to work well. When you feel tired and helpless because of all the stress wey you get from reading and learning, then you dey suffer from burn-out.

This condition no good for your health and e go surely affect your result for school. So, wetin you need do for time like this be; know say you get this condition, first. Then, you fit now manage your stress well-well.  After that, you go create time for yourself and meet your doctor for medical support.

Low Grades
When you deprive yourself sleep because you dey work and learn together, e go affect your grades for school. Because, your level of concentration go reduce. When you no dey concentrate, e go hard for you to understand the subject of wetin you dey study and e go surely affect your grades.
But, if you fit take the steps wey I write for up to address the issue of lack of sleep and burn-out, e go surely help you improve your grades well-well.

Poor Social life
People wey dey work and school at the same time, no dey get good social life. Dem no dey get time for fun or to spend time with friends and family people them. No time to go do shopping, party or to join any sports events like football and the likes. Working and reading go take all their time.
If you fit Balance your social life with studying, e go play better role for your learning process. Remember say oyibo say ”all work and no play, makes jack a mere toy”. Your work and your education dey very important to you as a person. That is why you need to balance two of dem, so that one no go affect the other. You go surely succeed, when you fit overcome all of the challenges wey come with working and studying for same time.

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