How To Earn and Make Money On Fiverr

First of all na wetin be fiverr?

Fiverr na online marketplace where people around the world dey come sell their services for $5. That na where the name fiverr come out from, but so many gurus don find a way to sell their service for high money like the one wey you go see for this site.

This ogbonge online platform don give everyone the opportunity to make money at home and to say bye bye to unemployment. This website don come to stay and e don dey put food for plenty people table, especially those from Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Philippines and other African countries.

Since wey the whole world begin to appreciate this site, scam don dey reduce especially for west African regions. The big question wey I dey get everyday from people wey don dey follow my success on fiverr be say; everybody don know about fiverr and everybody don dey create their own gig to sell one service or the other on fiverr, but shey na every one wey create gig dey succeed on top this site as a seller?

The big answer na NO!

You go ask yourself, shey na every body wey go into transportation business dey succeed? The truth be say, for person to fit succeed for anything wey him dey do, him need to learn that thing well well and get somebody for him back to mentor am. Na the same principle apply for any online business in Nigeria and around the world including this one.

Identify Your Niche

Niche simply mean market. You must belong to one market line. Decide whether na  article service, graphics, voice over or webdesign service you wan to dey offer on fiverr. All this niche hot well well, e just depends on how you fit handle your business. My dear reader, fiverr na business and you must get that mentality to take succeed.

Go Get Better Training and Mentor-ship

To get the best training and mentor-ship make you visit Millionaire Writers or call them ontop their phone for 08132884087, 08076411111, 0806651513 or 08076311111. Only for those wey wan sell article service ontop this site and below

how to earn on fiverr


Adhere To Every Trick and Secret

As every business get em own trick and secret to take succeed, na so this online business in Nigeria too get em own secret. No ever ignore anything wey your mentor teach you, rather try look for ways to improve on those tricks. One trick for every niche na to dey stay online 24/7, but before that trick go fit work you must to make sure say your gig dey properly set up for Fiverr SEO so that your gig go fit to rank well. To learn how to rank your gig, you fit contact the Millionaire Writers also.

Present Your Self As A Professional

This one na one important thing wey you must ensure say your buyers dey see you as. If a buyer no see you as a professional, em fit dey fear whether this seller no go just waste my time and even give me poor service? The truth be say this buyers dem dey ready to pay you better money as long as say you fit give them that quality wey dem dey find.

How you go take make a buyer see you as a professional?

I go just give you some tips for here but when you go for your training, dem go put more light. You go need to commit your buyer and also care for am well well.

For my next post we go talk on how to withdraw your money.

Thank you.

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