Guide On How To Set Up A Taxi Company


One business wey dey bring money pass today na transportation business. Even for this technological advanced world wey we dey, place where people fit transact billions of dollars worth of business virtually, need still dey to move persons or goods from one place to another.

Transportation business get many facets. We get air transportation, water transportation, rail and road transportation. This article go focus ontop one of the ones wey people dey use pass for road transportation -Taxi. Sometimes we they call am cab; plenty times we dey call am taxi. Anything wey you chose to call am, any way wey you fit take move person or people from one place go anoter place na wetin this aricle dey about.

If you get interest to do this business, you don pick interest for the right business, e no matter the country wey you dey now now, taxi business don dey for plenty years and e no ready to go away. Place wey be town before don turn major city. Population explosion don make cities to become more congested. Even when some nations dey claim say dem dey experienc economic hardships, business still dey boom,plenty investors dem dey attracted, plenty people dey employed, plenty people dey move from one part of the country go another part of the country.

Millions of taxis na em people dey wave down for obodo the world for just one day only,wey dey bring millions of dollars as income for the person wey get the taxi company. E neva too late make you for make your own millions as you invest inside this business.

Wetin you go do?
How you go fit start cab or taxi company?
Abeg read dey go…..

How Much Money You Fit Make From Taxi?
Na you go decide how much money you wan make from your taxi business, the better you dey manage am, the more money you go make. Average taxi for major cities dey make up to N25,000 for one day. Na from this you go settle your expenses like fuel and other things too. You go keep anything wey remain if na you dey drive am by yourself.

Since you dey operate as a taxi company, make you charge percentage of fares for the right to take drive the cab from each driver. If na new taxis and your company dey registered and dey approved by Government, the rate wey you go charge na about N14,000 per day flat rate wile the driver go take care of the fueling and go keep the remaining. Make you multiply that one to how many taxi wey you get.

Get Governmental Approval
Registering business name no be d same thing to get approval from government. To get government to approve you na em go make you fit be owner of Cab Company and to run am well. Dis one go give you the right make you fit paint you cars for the approved colors of the city wey you dey. You go also need to get the routes wey your cabs go dey go.

Get Cars For Taxi
You fit no need to buy plenty as a beginner;people dey wey go dey wan do bussiness with you as a taxi company. People like dat ones go bring thier car to you as partners when they see sey you don already get structure for ground. For now, you fit start with two or three cabs of your own. Before you go meet the auto-mart, wetin be some of the things wey you need to give serious consideration? For this stage, care na em you need for your own part so that you no go go for cars wey go give you problems later for future.

Even though say e no wrong to appreciate fine cars, you no dey enter the business so that you go fit show of (exhibit) beauty. Even if you be absolute neophyte,make you take your time to ask around for brands wey combine comfort with durability.

Cars wey dey fuel efficient na your best option as you go dey run on a lot of fuel. You go also need to consider if the car wey you dey buy no attract expensive maintenance. If you don decide on wetin you go buy, make you carry experienced mechanic (automobile engineer) go with you make him do the final inspection before you go pay.

Make you no go for second hand or used cars. The original owner fit hide some faults wey the car get from you. More so, we dey use taxi pass as we dey use private cars, so if you buy tokunbo, you go only put your business for risk as dem go soon wear out, wey go make you dey spend money everytime. Sey you wan buy new someting no mean sey you go spend all you money bcos sey you wan buy car,e beta make you find something wey you fit afford.

Insurance Na Necessity
The business wey you wan start carry plenty risks; make you no try dodge insurance. Every car wey you buy must to get better insurance cover. Apart from the fact sey law make am compulsory sey make you do insurance cover for your business; insuring them go serve as protection. By the time wey you dey burget for your taxi company, e dey important make you include money for budgeting for the business.

Paint And Labels
The next stage na to carry your car go meet auto painter wey sabi paint make dem help you paint your car. Make you make sure sey dem use the correct color wey the authority want for taxis wey dey that state, so that you no go spend money two times. You go also need make you tag each car for identifications. While some companies dey use number tags, others dey use letters and others come chose the number and letters.

Tracker dey Important
For this stage, you go need to set up a monitoring and surveillance system for your business. Apart from the fact sey e go prevent your cars from thief them, e go help you a lot to dey monitor their waka every time. dis one go make dem no fit pass the boundry wey you don set for dem.
Make you get Responsible Drivers
Make you go for experienced and responsible drivers wey goverment give license to do the business. No be car race you dey organize, so make you no employ people sake of sey dem sabi run speed well well, but sey dem get beta ability to drive with minimal accidents.

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