About Me

My name na Nicholas Lawrence Onumara. I be information marketer, wey dey gather ogbonge information for people wey one become oga of their own. This information wey I dey gather, don help lots of people become their own oga for so many sections of the economy.

I start my writing career since 1997, and since then I no relent for wetin I like to do. For the year 2002, I go get better writing training from Nonks international wey dey surulere for inside Lagos. Since I finish for Nonks, I begin to see say so many people for our obodo Nigeria dey suffer because of jobs wey no dey available to them. For where I dey try figure how I go fit help our society in my own small way solve this unemployment wahala, na em give birth to my company today wey I register with the NCC with the name Justinthyme Ventures.

So far I don succeed for my own small way, to help plenty Nigerians wey both dey inside Nigeria and  all over the world to see say e possible to create your own job for an economy like our Nigeria economy. People no need to wait for government to do every thing for them, them too fit help the government reduce unemployment rate for the country by creating a business for themselves and employing others.

So to make this work, I don take my time and still dey take my time research and meet oga them wey dey into different business to get useful tori from them wey go help anybody wey ready to do the same thing wey them do to become oga. And no forget say this go also help you escape all the mistakes wey them do.

God bless you as you continue to check this informative blog, we hope say you find answers to all your questions here. But if you still get any question alsways feel free to contact me from the contact us page or comment for your related section box and anyone with the experience fit get back to you too.

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