7 Reasons Why You Need A Website


1. People go look for You Online.
Before you know wetin dey happen, you go start to loose customers because dem go always go look you up for internet before doing business with you. When dey type your name or business for search engine, Wetin you want make them find? Nothing, or the one wey even worse be sey dem go find your competitors, and those ones go carry your customers go. So, to people today, you no dey even exist if dem no fit find you ontop search engine.
For this “Information Age” wey we dey so to get a
website for your business dey very important if your business must survive.

2. You go show the world your brand image and credibility.
Consumers wey dey interested for your goods or service go rate you high and build their trust because you don take your time put your goods/services online for the world to learn about am. With your website wey dey available for them anytime, they fit take time to read about your company vision, products, services and reviews and make up their mind to do business
with you even though say dem never talk to you first.
The names of your team members, wetin your product dey about, wetin your company dey about, wehere your business office dey, e-mail address e.t.c All of these,go dey easy to find ontop your website wey dey on line twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week even if your local office no dey available!

3. Websites dey very affordable.
Na before before na em websites dey very expensive to own. The competition now don high. We even get free hosting companies wey fit host your website just to place adverts on your website. But me no dey advice any business oriented person to use free hosting services because such busness sites dey send the wrong message to your customers. Dem dey see you as a cheap business man wey like to take shortcut and em no value em business well-well to invest inside am
so dem go belive say na so you go handle other businesses wey dem go carry come give you. So for business wey you want to make profit from, e worth am to invest money host am online.

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4. Websites dey Advertise you well.
Shey you don look the cost to advertise ontop newspaper, magazine, radio and television? E fit cost some people their arm and leg to advertise through the mediums wey I just mention. No matter the one wey you choose, you no get guarantee sey them dey pay attention. Websites just be like brochures wey dey free to reproduce, interactive, and quickly shared to people wey dey already look for them. No advertising medium dey more effective like a website when e come to easy-to-use.

5. Website na Worldwide Presence.
You fit sell your goods and services to any one, anywhere for the world without doing anything more than to get a website. Ontop the web, e no matter whether your client dey the next street or the other side of the world, them fit see your website just as anyone go see am, and e no go cost you or your clients any extra. You fit even get customers for places wey you never go before and wey you no dream to go.

6. Your website fit save you time
To give out information fit take time, whether na for phone, or even emailing all your customer. Websites dey designed to save you time. All your customers, your family and friends fit go ontop your website to read about your products and services. Customers fit see your whole product catalogue without calling you or going to your office. This na the power of website. A good website dey run by em self, and dey remain useful to people for long time.

7. Your Website fit Make You Money.
Plenty money dey for the web, and e not hard to get your own share – The more time you stay online, the bigger your share fit get. If you get something wey you want sell, you fit sell am worldwide with the help of credit cards, paypal e.t.c wey comot all the payment wahala of carrying money to your office or bank. All wey you need do na to get the
goods and website. You fit even get few ads wey go dey bring in steady income.
You need website and I advise you to get one designed for you today so that you go move your business to another level.

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